Grossman for Loveland Schools

The only candidate who provides professional communications
and community engagement services to schools and school districts.
Highly Qualified
  • Loveland business owner

  • Communications professional 

  • Consultant to school districts

  • Father of Loveland student

  • Loveland Storm Soccer Dad

A Respected Candidate

"I am confident that Loveland residents will be rewarded with an excellent, highly regarded ambassador for the Loveland School Board when they elect Elliot Grossman.”

Rick Rogers, Retired Executive;

Grandfather of Loveland Students;

Loveland Area Homeowner

Support the Campaign 

With eight candidates vying for three seats, it'll take a team effort to get Elliot elected. The Grossman for Loveland Schools campaign needs your support. We need donations, volunteers and more. Do you want a lawn sign? Click here.


With Your Support, We'll Put Loveland
Schools Back on the Right Path

Elliot speaking.JPG
Dear Voters,
I'm optimistic about the future of the Loveland City School District. I’ve seen other school districts regain community support after consecutive levy losses.
But in each situation, it took new leadership. We now have a new superintendent. I'm hopeful he will make a big difference.
But it won’t be enough. Three current board members voted to put a 42 percent tax increase on the ballot. Until they are replaced, many taxpayers won’t trust the school board.
My guiding principle for my school board service is simple: Do what’s best for the students and the taxpayers.

I hope you will join my campaign to elect someone who will use good judgment -- someone you can trust. 
Go Tigers!